The Quarter Life Crisis

Here I sit.

On the quest for purpose that is my 20’s.

And let me tell you.  It feels ridiculous.  My friends  all think I’m kinda crazy right now and quite honestly I don’t blame them.  I’m moving to a new (relatively new) city.  I’m applying for these jobs in fields that I have never worked and I run.  A lot of running has happened in the last couple weeks. I wake up every single day feeling lost and overwhelmed with anxiety.

So, I’m going to let you in on some tricks that have helped save my sanity.

  • Do something on a whim.  You woke up today and want to go to Europe?  Start planning the trip.  Want some froyo?  Treat yourself.
  • Read a book or magazine.  You never know what you might learn!
  • Exercise.  This is key when you are in a slump.  You will always feel better and more motivated after you work out.  I promise.  Even if it’s something as simple as going for a short walk.
  • Don’t eat the whole carton of ice cream.  You don’t need the whole container of Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough.  Not worth the stomach ache.
  • Make time for friends and family.  This is nonnegotiable.  This is your support system.  They hold up when you fall.  Don’t ever cut them out.

I’m not even close to knowing what my purpose is.  Or if I even have one.  All I know for now is that I’m surrounded by amazing friends and family.  I love being outdoors.  Kayaking is my guilty pleasure.  Strawberries and creme froyo is everything you could ever imagine in life.  But I will be here.  Working towards that every single day.  And I want you to know that if you need anything, or somebody to talk to, I’m here.  No matter what kind of crisis you are having.


Veg Out

So yea…

I haven’t posted in forever. I know.

Some things have changed.

I’m an assistant manager at American Eagle Outfitters now. It’s crazy chaos but I love it.

I moved back in with my parents. Free rent. And cute puppies.

Probably the biggest change happened about two months ago.

This Wyoming born, Iowa Country girl willingly chose to give up meat.

Chicken. Burgers. Elk. Buffalo. Beef. Fish.

No. More.

And the craziest thing happened. My Cyclic Vomiting stopped. Completely.

I haven’t had an episode in TWO MONTHS. This is the longest I have gone in over 8 years. I don’t know if it directly correlates with my consumption (or lack of) meat but damn it is one hell of a coincidence.

And on top of that, I lost 20 lbs right off the bat. My energy is better and I feel less lethargic. I’ll take it. It probably helps that I upped my intake of water and tea and cut out a significant amount of pop…😉

To all you who tease me about the lack of meat in my life. Screw you. I don
t need to explain it you. You do NOT need to try to make me eat it. And honestly. I could care less that you eat it. I am not going to try to change that about you. You are more in danger of me encouraging you to buy local, and organic.

So, sometimes, you just need to try something crazy and the best things might happen. Don’t be afraid to do something unconventional. Embrace it. BE proud. Be healthy. Be happy.


Simply Living

I am writing this late. Often when a moment of realization strikes all you want to do is drift to sleep and hope the moment is still there when you wake up. But I have and am continuing to see that if you don’t seize these opportunities and fully embrace them, then they are too few and rarely captured.


Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE my iPad and smartphone. But lately I have found myself mindlessly killing time by playing pointless games and watching too much Netflix. We all spend time looking at Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, and many other social networks longing for what our “friends” are doing, eating, seeing, exploring, ect… So, today [tonight] I deleted all the pointless games. I unsubscribed from Netflix. And I’m strongly considering getting off of social media or at least getting down to just one or two.

I am going to read more. Spend more quality time with friends and family. Work towards my goals. Go outside. And not instagram every moment. I am going to keep my technology but I am not going to let in consume my every day. These are tools to enhance my life, not destroy it.

So, I am simply taking contol

Maple, Bacon & Cupcakes Oh My!

Whipping up some delicious treats with my momma tonight.  Bake sale tomorrow means we are on it!  Chocolate mustaches, mini cupcakes, homemade cream cheese frosting (I won’t tell you how much butter I use!) and a surprise for my co-workers tomorrow.

Well okay.  It isn’t really a surprise.  It’s just an odd combination.

Maple Bacon Cupcakes.

It’s like the Man Cupcake.  For real.  The recipe calls for bacon fat to be whipped together with butter.  Hoo boy.

I’ll post what the finished product tastes like.  And some photos!  So stay tuned!



**update This is the recipe I’m using for all you bacon lovers who want to give it a try!  Let me know how it turned out for you!🙂

CVS, Dating and the Wandering Heart

Hello beautiful bloggers!

Today has been a struggle.   I have had my first CVS (cyclic vomiting syndrome, google it!) attack in awhile.  It always hits me hard when I least expect it.  The puking part of it sucks.  But what sucks the most is knowing how my life is changed by it.  I need to find a way to move forward.  Moving forward, knowing that I may always get sick, seems impossible sometimes.  How am I supposed to live on my own?  Maintain a full time job?  Have a healthy relationship?  And then I remember.

I am stronger than all the obstacles that are going to be in my way.  Living on my own will be scary.  But I will just learn to deal.  I have the best support system in the world and I know they will help me when I’m ready to take that step.  Working full time?  Oh yea.  I forget that I already work more than that.  Between my two jobs, I’m pulling about 60 hours a week.  Dating is truly a struggle.


Every time I start to like a guy I freak out.  I get all sorts of anxiety and I have a hard time stepping back and just relaxing.  Part of that is because of my CVS.  How can  I expect a guy to accept and deal with my CVS on a regular basis?  It’s a legit fear for me.  I don’t want somebody to reject me just because of something I can’t change.  On that note, I will be looking for a new doctor and some new options on how to deal with my problem.  And you know what?  If I do start dating, I’m just going to have find a great guy who just has to be with me cause I’m so awesome!😉


Announcement ladies.  Please for the love of all things Mumford and Sons, do NOT send guys nude pictures.  Respect yourself and your body.  I get that you love when guys appreciate your body and blah blah blah.  What I don’t appreciate is guys who get used to getting that from girls and then they just ask for that.  And dear men.  Quit asking.  If we want you to see our boobs, trust  me.  You will see them.  If not, don’t you know how to use the google machine?


Wandering seems to be in my blood.  I crave the ocean and sand, mountains and sun.  Iowa is great.  But I want to explore the world while I’m still unattached to a specific place.  So, let’s plan a road trip.  To Oregon.  Yes.  Somebody come with me.  We’ll be besties forever and go horseback riding on the beach at sunset.  <3


Leave a comment about where you want to travel and why.  Share the love.


And remember whenever you are down, we still have Mumford and Sons.


I’m just going to leave this here for you guys.


xoxo- Lise

P.S. Sorry for the rambling.  Except I’m not. Heart you.

Pay it forward.

Since my family left, I have been in a rut.  It just sucks not being able to see them all the time.  I love Iowa and I love my family.  I just wish they were all the same place!  Not seeing them all the time, has resulted in a negative attitude for me.  Especially after they leave.  And this time around I have been atrocious (I’m sorry doesn’t even begin to cover it!).  I have been mopey, snippy and just plain negative  Not doing anybody any good at all.😦


That is absolutely going to change.  I was stopping at Starbucks yesterday for a pick me up.  I was annoyed because the truck in front of me had just cut me off and it seemed like he was ordering every single item on the menu.  Seriously.  It’s just coffee.  All I wanted was my venti white chocolate mocha.  I was cursing and being surly in my car.  All super petty things, I know.  Finally, he finished ordering and I pulled up to the window ready to pay up for my hot delicious drink.  


And then karma smacked me in the face.  This stranger that I was super annoyed with had just paid for my drink.  Man, did I feel like a jerk.  Who am to judge somebody when I know absolutely nothing about them?  It was a definitive reality check.  It doesn’t matter what we are going through.  We are ALL going through something.  So, pay it forward.


Being negative doesn’t get you anywhere.  You will go much farther with a smile on your face and kindness in your heart.  So, today, let the little things go.  Don’t yell at the car in front of you.  You don’t know what is going on with them.  Hold the door open for that person with all the bags even if you have to wait a little longer for them.  Pay for somebody’s drink (if you aren’t broke like this college kid!).  Smile at a stranger.  Compliment somebody.  Call a friend or family member you haven’t talked to in a long time.  Just find a way to pay it forward.  And not just today but tomorrow and the day after and every single day after that.  

Be the change you want to see in the world. Image

And feel free to comment on how you are paying it forward or an idea of how to pay it forward. Or how somebody used kindness to change your day. ❤


I have been craving a fun summer project for about a month now.  So, the other day I dragged my mom to Menards and picked up some paint (Sample sized-great price!)  and some brushes and set my mind to updating my boring bookshelves.  I picked up three jeweled tones adn some blackboard paint.  The quart size sample paint is a steal!  Only $3!  It’s a perfect size for a small project.  You don’t want to buy a ton of paint and only end up using only a small portion!  What a waste! 


I’m painting the outside ImageI’m using the Purple Perfection for the outside and the Allium Poof for the inside.  I love seeing the pop of color on the inside instead of just having it all one solid color.  It adds interest and makes for a better statement piece.  I am currently unsure of what I’m going to do with my third color.  I just really loved it!  I’ll probably end up using it on my other bookshelf!




The top I’m going to mod podge with some of my favorite images and sayings.  Then on both the sides, I’m going to do some shapes with the chalkboard paint.  Now, hopefully it all turns out as cool and I want it to.  Or at least ends up kind of looking like what I’m seeing in my head!😉  


I’ll post an update once I’m done with one of the bookshelves.  If you have any ideas or tips, let me know!🙂  I’m kinda jumping into this on a whim and don’t really have many skills painting.  But hey, like I said, paint is cheap and a super easy way to change something up.  Leave some love, and a link to a project you have done if you want.🙂  




Snail Mail Love


We live in a day and age where the post office is dying.  Sad, I know. How can you help to resurrect them? Send some snail mail!

One of my favorite things to do is to send fun mail to my friends. And by fun, I mean mostly tacky.😉 I like to think that by sending little notes, it makes the day a little bit brighter for one of my friends. I know getting mail that doesn’t have a monetary amount that I owe always cheers me up!

So, go look for some fun postcards, or some cool cards and leave a friendly note and something you think will cheer a friend up. And support the post office! Snail mail is totally better than e-mail!🙂 And if you are sending them mail, chances are that you will get some wacky mail in return! It will make the walk to the post office or just your mail box a little bit brighter! I promise!

And if you want some snail mail, feel free to email me your address! 🙂 I love making your day a little bit better!🙂

Traveling Lady

Oh man. Someone remind me that flying is both faster and more comfortable the next time I decide to take a bus!

I’m totally nerding out and watching Lord of the Rings.  What else is a girl supposed to do?  ;)  Almost a five hour bus ride means I’ll make it almost through two of them!


Before I left,  my wonderful step dad gave me some pepper spray to ward off the weirdos. So, bring it Chicago.  I come armed!😉